Děláme fulfillment. Zařídíme za vás příjem, skladování i expedici zboží k zákazníkům v celé EU

Save time and costs

Storage space, warehouse workers, and all the related paperwork, plus technologies to take care of everything. No need to deal with any of it anymore; we will arrange it all for you!

Our fleet vehicles = better prices for you

Our vehicles deliver packages to various countries, where we then transfer packages to local shipping companies the customers are used to. This enables us to ship for domestic prices and save you money.

We will help you expand abroad

We will deliver your packages to customers all over the EU. Our fleet vehicles have been operating in Europe for 8 years now, making sure your products reach customers on time.

Services designed for medium-sized and large online shops

Our typical customers are medium-sized and large online shops that store from several up to thousands of products and submit hundreds to thousands of orders each day. These are the clients we can help the most and have been benefiting greatly from our services.


Fulfillment je outsourcing skladu. Svým klientům z řad internetových obchodů i výrobních firem zajišťujeme sklad, aby nemuseli vést vlastní. Nepotřebují tak vlastní skladové prostory, zaměstnance skladu, nemusí se zabývat expedicí objednávek. Vše vyřešíme my.


Upload your products into our system

Either via a dedicated XML feed or manually through our administration. We will be happy to help set it up!

Bring your products to our warehouse

Have your suppliers send their goods directly to us, even on pallets. We will receive them, store them in the warehouse, and enter them into our system.

We will prepare shipping packages for your customers

As soon as a customer places an order with you, we will release the products from the warehouse and prepare them for shipping. Plus we will add your promotional materials, merchandise or anything else you would like to put inside.

We will deliver your products to customers all over the EU

We will deliver the package on your behalf. The package will look just like it is coming from your own warehouse and the customer will not be able to tell the difference.


Logistics is our domain. Since 2010, we have delivered 21 245 552 packages to our clients’ customers, and many more are in transit to every corner of Europe.
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Safe storage and reliable shipping is our core value.

From single pieces to pallets

We can store and ship just about anything. Individual packages as well as pallets. Products weighing mere grams as well as pallets of several hundreds of kilograms.

We resolve returns and complaints as well

One of your customers returns an unused product within the warranty period, or complains about a defect? These things happen. We’ll provide them with an address to send it back to or arrange for pickup. In case of a complaint, we’ll take photos of the product(s) as well as documents and e-mail them to you so you can decide how to proceed.

We will attach pre-printed documents as well as promotional items

We will put any pre-printed documents into the package, such as instructions, invoices, fliers, or even your promotional items. Whatever you ask.

We ship the same day the order is received

To have the order shipped the very day it is received, just place it by 4 pm at the latest, or even later when shipping to certain foreign countries.


Do you need your products shipped using the FIFO method (First In, First Out)? Not a problem for us at all!

We’ll keep an eye on the expiration date

We’ll make sure your customers don’t receive products past their expiration date.

Your products are safe with us

Our warehouses and your products are insured, so there’s no need to worry. Once we receive the products and put them in the warehouse, we take full responsibility for them.


Ask us for a non-binding quote. Give us your contact information and our sales representative will get in touch right away.