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Where to find us

Headquarters and main warehouse

We are based in the Czech Republic, the very heart of Europe, which is where our main warehouse is located as well. The ideal location for you to expand both West and East.

Find us at:

Other warehouses and addresses

We have warehouses and pickup points located all over Europe. And where there is no warehouse we will provide an address for customer returns.

You will find us in these countries:

  • DE
  • PL
  • SK
  • HU
  • RO
  • BG
  • AT
  • GB
  • FR
  • ES

Contact our management

Have an idea how we can improve our services? A complaint? Contact our management directly and we’ll be happy to help you.

(general customer service or invoicing support not provided at this e-mail address)

Billing information

ID: 49434624
Tax ID: CZ49434624


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